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Power Flex Cables can help you with specially design cable for existing cable usage, or new design cable for a project or special applications 


Intrinsically Safe cable shipment for underground Queensland Coal Mine

Another Shipment - cabling for Queensland Mines - low and medium voltage

Medium voltage cabling for lightening protection

Regular supplier for underground cabling, coal mines Moranbah and Grosvenor

Cabling projects for 2017 Dubai Shopping Festival


Powering Power Stations Around Australia 


Queensland Prawn Farms - Submersible Cable


Brisbane's Riverwalk

Proudly supplying Power Flex Cables

Queensland's coal seam gas ( GSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG)

project developments include exploration for coal seam gas in the Surat and Bowen Basins of Queensland, construction of a 450km gas transmission pipeline to Gladstone and the construction of LNG facilities in Gladstone - Power Flex Cables, proudly continues supplying.

Power Flex Cables - Your Partner In Success

Awarded to Power Flex Cables from Tenix for in appreciation and dedication commitment and efforts on the GLNG Upstream Project.

Lighting up Santos GLNG City of Lights - Brisbane Festival



Callide Power Station Project